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You can now demonstrate your support of World Values Day and spread awareness of the World Values Day event/campaign by signing up as an OFFICAL SUPPORTER. You can help/support in the following ways:

  • Sign up at (go to the bottom of the Home Page by the DONATE button) and make a small donation towards the costs of World Values Day.
  • Tell your network that you are a World Values Day 2021 OFFICIAL SUPPORTER by using this badge on your email signature and postings on social media
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Today is World Values Day and the theme for this year is wellbeing. So, it seems hugely appropriate to reveal that 98% of respondents to Mad World’s recent Multigenerational Workforce, Workplace Culture and Wellbeing Survey strongly agree that it’s very important for them to feel valued at work. 98% also strongly agree that it’s very important for them to have a sense of purpose at work.

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