Send Us Your Values Stories!

In the run-up to World Values Day 2017 on Thursday 19th October, we’re inviting people to share their personal stories about their values along with a photo. We’ll then pick some of these stories to share on social media on and before World Values Day!

Important: If you send us your story, you must be happy for us to publish your story and photo on social media, and on the World Values Day website. Make sure you also read all the details below before sending us your story.



Values are the things that are important to us, the foundation of our lives. They are deeply held principles that guide our choices and behaviours and influence our emotions. Values are the core of who we are. They are our motivators, our drivers, the passion in our hearts and the reason why we do the things we do.

By sharing your personal stories we hope to inspire people to think about our most deeply held values and to act on them!



What Kind of Story?

The story must be 200 words or less and accompanied by a photo of you.

The story could be anything from how you gave up your time to care for an elderly relative, to why you declined a job offer because the company’s ethos didn’t align with your personal values.

Ultimately, the story should be something that is significant to you and could help others to think about times when values have played a role in their own life.

*Important: The photo must be as high quality as possible and you must be happy for us to make minor changes (spelling, grammar etc) to the text if necessary.


How Should I Send the Story and Photo? 

You can send us your story and photo via social media either on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can send it publically or as a private message, any problems just let us know.

…or if you’d prefer, you can email us at just remember to title the email “VALUES STORY: [Your Name]”

*Remember: Make sure you send us your full name, and if you would like us to tag you in the post, your social media user ID for Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook


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