Month-long Values Campaign in Nigeria

The Uncle Sele Foundation and Shape-A-Child will launch a values campaign that will run throughout the entire month of October 2022, filled with lively and engaging events and activities which will encourage children and their parents to realise the critical importance of values in their lives.

Values Schools Tour

In the Nigerian metropolis of Lagos, our Values Schools Tour will serve as the campaign’s introduction. We plan to visit 80 schools between October 4 and October 14, 2022, with a target audience of around 9,000 kids between the ages of 9 and 16.

The campaign’s objective is to promote knowledge of values and emphasize their critical importance for people’s wellbeing in their relationships with one another, their families, their communities, their workplaces, and their schools.

During the tour, we’ll focus on a number of important topics, including identity, values, vices, purpose, and the future. Students will compete in a variety of events throughout the tour, including a poetry contest, dance competitions, and a conquering vices competition.

Values Day Conference

On October 20 World Values Day, our Values Day Conference will be the culmination of the school tour with around 500 students and instructors attending. The Conference will feature a competition amongst the winners of the games held during the Tour at the various schools and will determine the ultimate victor. The most coveted win is the title of “Values Champ 2022” which will be awarded to the winner of the conquering vices tournament.

As well as competitions, there will be learning opportunities, fun, the transfer of values, and acknowledgement of people who have exhibited these values.

Parents are not left out of the values campaign. To educate parents on the value of sharing values with their children and building strong parent-child relationships, we will also be holding a virtual parenting conference.

The Uncle Sele Foundation is a values-based non-governmental organization motivated by the degeneration in society and striving to change its trajectory. The Foundation teaches values to children in a fun way, through lively and engaging events, activities, products and services including monthly values classes, products like Value for Kids Volume 1 and 2, and counselling sessions. Tbese have already had a transformative impact on thousands of children.

Shape a Child is led by Izehi Anuge, the Managing Director at Shape-A-Child who is also the Founder of Inspire Excellence and author of a children’s book series (Captain Excellence) which focuses on triggering a Values-Based consciousness in children and a Gen Z Personal & Creative Excellence workbook for teenagers. Shape a Child aims to ensure that millions of young individuals are ingrained from an early age with the values that makes for excellent existence and mindset.


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