Local Community Leaders Offer Values Lessons to G20

World Values Day is collaborating particularly closely this year with Values20 – the initiative which was launched three years ago with our support to engage with the annual G20 Summit of the world’s top twenty leaders on how they should make their global policy-making more values-driven.

In a big step forward, Values20 has been invited by this year’s G20 organisers to advise the leaders on how they should approach their values, and Values20 are currently preparing their advice. World Values Day and Values20 have decided that it would be helpful if this advice was reinforced with advice from community leaders around the world on how they put values into action in their own communities.

60-second video selfies

We are therefore asking values-based local community leaders such as national MPs, City Mayors, State Governors, Members of Congress, and other recognised community leaders to submit short (60-second) video clips of themselves speaking about the values that are at the heart of their own communities, how embracing those values has helped them overcome local obstacles or challenges, and what the G20 Leaders could learn from this.

It is fine if the video clips name specific community members or projects as a way of giving them recognition.

What happens to the video clips

The video clips will be presented to the G20 leaders and policy makers by us at World Values Day and our partners Values20, whose Indonesian team are advising this year’s G20 Summit in Bali between 18th October and the start of the G20 Summit in mid-November. An extract from each video will also be included in a professionally edited compilation film that will be sent to the G20 Leaders and shown during World Values Day and ahead of the G20 Summit.

To ensure you are included in the compilation film the clips should be submitted to us by 16th October using this simple submission form.

Clips will also be shared on social media

Participating community leaders should feel free to share their clips using their own social media channels on 20th October, World Values Day. The following hashtags will ensure that you are picked up by all of the relevant media teams and influencers: #WorldValuesDay2022   #V20Indonesia   #G20Indonesia

World Values Day and Values20 will amplify these postings and also share as many of the clips as they can themselves. Completing the submission form and providing your own hashtags and profile tags will help us draw attention to your clip

World Values Day and its Partners and Supporters

World Values Day works with values-driven influencers and supporters across over 100 countries and reaches an average of 45 million people each year. It has relationships with a range of specialist global influencers and events like the Values 20 Group. Our movement includes global experts from most industries and specialist sectors.

This initiative is part of a wider programme of work, it is also the start of a conversation we would like to continue as we build towards the G20 in India 2023 and then in Brazil 2024.

The Values 20 data and research teams run a sophisticated analysis programme, which informs the G20 but might also help inform your own work locally.

If you want a simple way of thinking about how we work: World Values Day is the ‘ground up’ movement, which feeds into G20 via the Values 20 Group, which is more ‘top down’. We will be building on this initiative in the coming years and would welcome your support and engagement.

For more detailed information on World Values Day, please visit: What’s Important to You? | World Values Day

For more information on Values 20, please visit: V20 | Values20

If you would like to find out more about how to participate or want to suggest values-based local community leaders that we should contact please email us at: info@worldvaluesday.com



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