Take a Photo in Nature

This unique activity is specifically aimed at Bloggers or Influencers. However, anyone can participate if you don’t mind your photo and words being published in a public forum. Send in a photo of yourself in nature or a scene in nature (without you in it).


We’re looking for influencers who share our passion for:

  • Values-based living
  • Nature-based experiences
  • Encouraging individuals and organisations to reconnect

In support of the World Values Day – Reconnect with Nature initiative, Paul Ryken from Minimalist Journeys is compiling a list of people’s photos and how the photos represent the values that are most important to them.

Send in one or two photos (high-resolution JPG preferred) showing yourself or a scene in nature. The photo must represent a value that is important to you.

State what the value is and why it is important to you – in 200 words or less. Also explain where the photo was taken and the context in which it was taken.

A maximum of 50 photos will be selected and published, based on their relevance for World Values Day (October 21st) and the Reconnect with Nature initiative. An initial blog post on Friday 01 October 2021 will share all 50 photos. Each photo and caption will then also be shared on social media during the month of October.

In return, you’ll get a DoFollow link to your nominated website and one to your social media page from both Minimalist Journeys and World Values Day websites. In addition, the photos and stories will be shared via social media using the hashtags #worldvaluesday #reconnectwithnature during the month of October.


By reviewing your photos and reflecting upon your values, you’ll remember what was important to you at the time.

Using this collaboration method will allow us to publish the photos and promote values aligned with (activities in) nature and encourage people to participate in such activities in the future.


Predominantly aimed at bloggers and influencers to allow for maximum reach. However, anyone is welcome to participate.


One morning in February 2020, before dawn, I hiked up Mount Chimaera in Turkey to experience naturally occurring flames among ancient ruins and watch the sunrise over the Mediterranean.

Sitting above the ruins of the Temple of Hephaistos looking out to sea, I wondered what life was like thousands of years ago when this place was inhabited. Since it was so early in the morning, only Sandra and I were at the site. It was peaceful and quiet. All you could hear was the crackling of the flames and the occasional chirp of a bird. It gave me time to reflect on our time in Turkey and appreciate this natural wonder.

To me, this image represents Reflection. On our travels, we don’t rush from one point of interest to the next, stopping only briefly to take pictures and then move on. We soak up the atmosphere. We imagine what these places were like in their heydays. And we research: talk to locals, watch documentaries, or read up to gain a better understanding of a place and its history. Only then do we feel we really experienced a place.

How to promote on the day / month

Once the blog post is published on Minimalist Journeys and promoted through the World Values Day website, you’re welcome to promote the post on your social media platforms as well. Repost your photo when it appears during the month of October on our social media platforms. We’ll let you know when that happens.

Send To

Please send the following to Paul Ryken at Paul@MinimalistJourneys.com:

  • Photo – preferably in landscape, high resolution, JPG format
  • What value the photo represents and why this value is important to you
  • Explain where the photo was taken and the context in which it was taken.



Paul Ryken
Minimalist Journeys Limited
+64 20 41412785


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