The Values of Art: A Journey of Growth and Gratitude by Aishwariya Jayakumar

My lifelong dedication to the performing arts has profoundly impacted my personal growth and shaped my values. I have come to understand that to truly understand life’s essence it is not enough just to follow inherited patterns of virtues and values. Instead, real expansion and understanding comes from nourished learning acquired directly from life

My parents instilled in me the belief that every form of learning is valuable, without any differentiation. Combining my academic pursuits with Indian classical arts like Bharatanatyam and Hindustani vocal music, I gained not only skills and wisdom but also essential values like discipline and respect.

As I delved deeper into the performing arts, I discovered hidden values that transformed my personality, boosting my confidence, communication skills, and creativity. Participating in cultural events and exploring various dance genres broadened my perspective on tradition and cultural heritage, fostering a sense of oneness and respect for others.

My musical journey encompassed Hindustani classical music and western classical training, revealing to me the profound power of musical expressions that can connect souls beyond language barriers. Embracing diverse styles of dance and music allowed me to elaborate on my own cultural heritage with equal significance.

My path of artistic education was not without challenges, but they taught me the value of inner strength, humility, and perseverance. I learned that setbacks were opportunities for growth, and the unwavering support from my family, friends, and respected teachers showed me the importance of self-belief.

I came to realize that artistic progression does not follow precise timelines, as each individual’s journey is unique, influenced by time, training, and talent. My teachers advised me not to be solely driven by rewards or recognition but to focus on self-discovery and purpose.

Incorporating my artistic learnings into my daily life has allowed me to find mental balance and declutter overwhelming thoughts. I have immense gratitude for the guidance from my teachers, support from my family, and encouragement from my friends, as they became invaluable sources of inspiration and bliss.

In conclusion, I encourage everyone to embrace the true value of their own artistic potential and be grateful for the enriching experiences and knowledge that they will gain. Nurturing knowledge for higher good and spiritual discipline has brought me solace and balance, making artistic learning an invaluable part of my life’s journey.


Aishwariya Jayakumar is a freelance writer, blogger, passionate pianist and singer who is trained in Indian classical dance. She is a contributor at Beauty & the Beast Publishing and is a featured contributor at BIZCATALYST 360° and 360° NATION, India.





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