Love Brings Us Together – exploring the roots and fruits of love

Of the different values that contribute to creating a sense of community, love is perhaps the most important.  In this reflective event being hosted by the Brahma Kumaris in collaboration with the UK Values Alliance the “roots and fruits” of love will be explored.

Through a process of reflection, journalling and dialogue, participants will go on an inner journey and explore different aspects of love and how we can express it more fully in our life and so help create a better world.

The UK Values Alliance and the Brahma Kumaris first organised this reflective annual retreat 8 years ago, and each year the reaction from everyone attending has been incredibly positive, and so the organisers  have been inspired to continue.

The event will be on Wednesday 11th October 10 am – 4.30 pm BST in the peaceful environment of the Brahma Kumaris’ Global Co-operation House, 65-69 Pound Lane, London NW10 2HH.

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Speakers and facilitators:


Nina Buchanan has a varied work background in corporate management and group dynamics.  Her life experience is enhanced through her spiritual journey as a meditation teacher and practitioner. She is a powerful, authentic speaker and workshop facilitator. Exploring the concept of “When I change, others also change”, having a sense of  humour and being able to laugh at herself, help to make the journey light and entertaining.

Charles Fowler chairs the Human Values Foundation, which uses positive values to promote young people’s social and emotional development, helps run the UK Values Alliance and is project partner of the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice for Health and Social Care at Oxford University. He is a delegate at Values20, the G20 engagement group, and Global Coordinator of World Values Day.



Georgeanne Lamont has worked for many years as an organisational facilitator, mindfulness teacher and mentor introducing spiritual and global awareness and values into  education, businesses and public services. She is the founder of the Values and Visions Project and co-founder of The Values and Visions Foundation, author of The Spirited Business and co-author of Values and Visions and Values and Visions – Engaging students, energising teachers.


Georgina Long is a senior teacher with the Brahma Kumaris at their international headquarters in London. She is also their Interfaith Coordinator working with the different faith traditions at a local and national level. She is a wise and compassionate person, who has worked as an education coordinator in a top security prison and as a volunteer coordinator and trainer in a hospice.



Sharon O’Regan has a background in business development and her career expands over several industries, including luxury fashion, the charity sector and education. Her passion is health and wellness and her most recent project for Brent Mencap was featured in Sadiq Khan’s Health Inequality Strategy Implementation Plan. Following a life-changing trip to India, she made a transition in her career and discovered raj yoga.


Daksha Patani is a whole-being wellness coach and mentor with a corporate background in business and finance. She empowers individuals to learn to coach themselves to bring clarity and fulfilment. She gives talks on personal development and is a befriender with Age UK. She is a student with the Brahma Kumaris and thrives in creating wholeness and inspiring oneness.


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