Another big leap forward for WVD Nigeria Campaign

After last year’s campaign involving thousands of schoolchildren in events in Lagos, this year’s campaign will see a major expansion, with events extending to as many as six states across Nigeria.

Our amazingly energetic World Values Day Schools Ambassadors for Nigeria, Uncle Sele, Trees and Pillars, and Izehi Anuge, Shape a Child, will be hosting a series of exciting events to commemorate World Values Day 2023.

These events will focus on three distinct projects, entitled Recycle, Rebuild and Reconnect, which will promote collaborative efforts to support this World Values Day’s theme of “Values Bring Us Together”.

In collaboration with a team of designated coordinators and champions, the duo will be engaging various primary and secondary schools, and organisations, across six states.

Please join them in spreading awareness about values in Nigeria by connecting and engaging with them on LinkedIn and Instagram.

You can find them on LinkedIn as Uncle Sele and Izehi Anuge. On Instagram, you can find them at “@theunclesele” and “@shapeachild.”


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