Everything I Have Learned About Values, by Richard Barrett

The following is a summary of my new book, Everything I Have Learned About Values.  It is dedicated to all those who aspire to live a values-driven life.  You can download a free PDF version by clicking this link now.  The free download will be available until October 31st

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The book will be available in print December 2017.

Everything I Have Learned About Values

Whatever you need is what you value, and what you value is the satisfaction of the needs of the stage of psychological development you are at and the unmet needs of the stages of psychological development you have passed through that you have not yet mastered. As you make progress mastering the needs of each stage of psychological development you become less focused on self, and more focused on others.

When you reach the individuating stage of psychological development you stop using your beliefs for making decisions and start using your values. As you reach the higher stages of psychological development, you realize that at the deepest level of your being we all share the same values.

To be successful in business, or running any type of organization, you must support your employees in meeting their needs at the stages of psychological development they are at, and you must also help them to resolve their unmet needs from previous stages of development. This means supporting them in their personal transformation.

Personal transformation is particularly important for supervisors, managers and leaders, because who they are, and how they turn up at work, defines the culture of an organization. Organizations don’t transform. People do. Therefore, if you want to change the culture of your organization you must either change your leaders or your leaders must change. To this end, it is vitally important that you monitor the culture of your organization on a regular basis.

Everyone grows in stages (of psychological development), operates at levels of consciousness and lives inside a worldview which reflects the collective stage of psychological development that the community or nation they were born into (and live in) has reached.

The evolution of worldviews of communities and nations mirrors the evolution of the individual stages of psychological development. In other words, the values component at each stage of our collective psychological development is a direct reflection of the values component of each stage of our individual psychological development.

About The Author

Richard Barrett is an author, speaker and internationally recognised thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society. He is the founder and chairman of the Barrett Values Centre, which offers tools, training and insights that provide a pathway for leaders to catalyse transformation, engage people, and grow thriving cultures.  


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