Help advise our world leaders on values-based policies

World Values day has supported and collaborated with the Values 20 Group (V20) from the time it was set up in 2020 to work with the G20 (the leaders of the twenty largest economies in the world). The G20 meet to discuss biggest issues that are affecting the world, and the purpose of V20 is to persuade these world leaders to adopt a more values-based approach in their deliberations and policy-making.

Each year we work with V20 on many aspects of their campaign, and we also encourage our supporters to make their individual contribution to V20’s submissions on the key issues that are up for discussion by the global leaders.

If you would like to be involved in this process this year, you can do so by preparing a paper. Be aware that the deadline for written abstracts (a summary of the proposed paper of up to 300 words) is 20th March 2023.  If the abstract is accepted the full paper will then need to be submitted.

Katrina Ramage will be co-ordinating this process for World Values Day and liaising with the V20 organisers throughout. She has prepared a very helpful guide, explaining more about V20, the process of submitting the papers and their subject-matter, and where submissions are to be sent.

See her V20 Guide here:  Guidance for WVD supporters participating in V20 India 7 March 2023

For a full briefing of this year’s V20 campaign this year which is being hosted in India (India are this year’s G20 hosts) please join the V20 Inception Meeting on Wednesday 9th March from 09.00 to 12.00 UTC/GMT which is 14.30 to 17.30 India Standard Time. Here is the registration link:

If you can’t make that meeting, you might like to come along to the next World Values Day Planning Session on Zoom on Tuesday 21st March at either 8am or 5pm UTC/GMT where a member of the V20 organising team will give a presentation on this year’s Values20 process and how they hope to engage with the G20 leaders at this year’s summit in India.  Register here for either of these planning sessions.


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