Catch up on what happened on World Values Day 2022 in this Review of the hundreds of events and activities that took place both online and physically around the world on the day, starting in New Zealand and rolling through the time zones across Asia, India, Africa, Europe and America.

The theme for the 2022 campaign was Values For Community and there were many wonderful examples of values in action the community by individuals, groups and organisations all over the world. Many of these were shared with us or posted on social media and in this Review you will get a good idea of the wide variety of values-driven activities that took place. We hope you will be inspired, and will join us again next year!

Click here to download the WORLD VALUES DAY 2022 REVIEW.


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Our social media campaign this year was a tremendous success.  On Twitter alone, our reach was 75 million people across 67 countries.  Our other social media channels were very active too – in particular LinkedIn, which this year showed record activity both before and on the day.

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