By Manjola Perja M. Sc., CEO & Founder ALVA – Albanian Values

“World Values Day” makes you realize that the importance of this day dedicated to values around the world is enormous. Its value becomes even greater when involvement spreads to environments which might not be expected such as the blog last year about the values driven approach at one of Europe’s largest prisons, HMP Berwyn, in Wrexham, Wales.
Each of us can help and support the change, improvement and wellbeing of our lives, at a personal level where the reflection and awareness of values are the basis of reawakening. Some of us can extend our reach, to a specific target group or part of a community, because in this way many more people can be inspired.
In our lives we make mistakes, either consciously or not, because we are not perfect. But the guilt process is like a boomerang: in some way, the person has hurt themselves as well, not only the other person. Everything can be made better if goodwill still exists between the two parties. All of us can reflect and give our best when we realize that we can change, not only ourselves but also others around us: partner, family, the social circle, the community where we live and beyond, with a sole purpose, wellbeing.
At first glance, the concept of conscious practice (as used in the 31Practices approach) might seem incredible because of the skepticism that exists among us. The greatest value is created not by the initiative itself, but by the people who support and use the approach in practice. As we know, the conscious appreciation of values and their rigorous appraisal in many cases brings goodness in actions and joy. Everyone has the power to improve their personality based on their best values. Many individuals experience a remarkable sense happiness when they live their lives based on values. The essence of values is like the “sun” wherever it shines, it shines not only on one fixed point but also on everything that is close by.
Time will tell that HMP Berwyn, in Wrexham, is already part of human history and will be a source of inspiration to others who can count on their best, which is in themselves. We know that the best things we have are free, as a gift, and as such we can call our values. They are our gifts that will help us achieve our best.  So to know yourself, to seek the best for yourself is our value.
The power of human values is that they help us to display our best selves, and when we know how to use them, their power is magnified. Values can sow prosperity, in the development of self, family, society and community. A society that does not accept a community is a society with a broken soul, so it is up to each of us to help ourselves and the community to understand the shared values of the community.
Even during some of the most difficult times known to mankind, such as the concentration camps in Albania during the communist regime, it was proved that we can rise above the fate of circumstances. A few prisoners kept their inner freedom intact and managed to derive value from their suffering. They stood with dignity without compromising with the bad situation.
Of course, to be able to do this requires immense belief, resilience and hard work but it demonstrates how those who truly believe in their best can be even better than they thought they were yesterday, becoming an example and an inspiration to other people who have a dilemma with their personality and confidence to be true to their best values.
Many other studies have shown the strength that values can bring. When people have a greater sense of awareness about their values, they have more possibility to succeed, contributing and doing good things both for themselves and for the community. Increasing confidence in ourselves by believing in our best personal values creates a greater visible impact on improving the day, family and society. This moment may be called a second renaissance. The power to take good action increases by itself, bringing a spirit of tolerance and understanding while respecting the other party.
Raising the level of trust in each other in the service of community wellbeing, in the service of a cause such as living and building our days and lives based on our best values is a great challenge and mission, that needs to be spread in other countries around the world.
About the Author

Manjola Perja M. Sc. –  CEO & Founder ALVA – Albanian Values – Vlerat Shqiptare
Is a certified CTT Consultant
In 2018, Albania took part in World Values Day for the first time by organizing the first activity devoted exclusively to the Albanian historical, patriotic, cultural values etc., the theme was “Gratitude” and the initiative “I value my homeland”. This event has inspired many people to think about values, public or nopublik sectors which have organized many activities as seminars, forum etc. dedicating values.
In December 2018 ALVA supported the “Blend the Melt” initiative for year-end holidays…/
In May 2019 it was organized by the Center “Our Roots”, the first “International Assembly” in Tirana, when Manjola Perja as CEO of the organization ALVA gave the lecture “The particularities and the generalities in the typology of the Albanian”, dedicated to the values of the unique and common Albanian typology over time.

¹At Zef Pllumi (28 August 1924 – 25 September 2007) was an Albanian Franciscan priest and memoirist. After 26 years in communist prisons he wrote the non-fiction works “Live to tell”, a true story of religious persecution in Albania (Albanian: Rrno vetëm për me tregue).


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