Alan Williams and Lisa Birtles were inspired to design a creative way to connect people through values-led conversations. The result is a playful card game, ValuesJam, which was launched on World Values Day 2021.

The ambition is to create harmony all over the world by inspiring one million values-led conversations with the community of ValuesJammers and the ValuesJam card decks. You can see some of these ValuesJams on the ValuesJam YouTube channel

Feedback from ValuesJammers has been amazing:

“ValuesJam cards will be a fun and impactful tool for those wanting to: expand their understanding of “self” and “other;” build bridges and increase collaboration; explore their personal and company values; and deepen relationships.”

“What an incredibly powerful and fun way to disrupt the mundane way we usually see, think and talk about values.”

You can become a ValuesJammer by signing up here to get your deck/s of cards. 30% of profits will be donated to supporting World Values Day activities around the world.


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