World Values Day Art Exhibition 2023

The Arts within a community tell a powerful story about the roots, values, beliefs, and dreams of the people who live there. What is your community’s art story?

To celebrate this year’s World Values Day we are asking you to join us by creating a one-minute video  focusing on what you value about “Arts in Community”.

This is an opportunity for everyone to join in and tell the world why the arts are vital and important. 

The contributions to this project will be shown and celebrated at the World Values Day Art Exhibition in October 2023.

This is a World Community Project! Everyone is invited to participate. Whether you are an art teacher, community facilitator, therapist, recreational worker, or other… Whether your students are Pre-K, College, Teens, Elders, Gifted, or having Special Needs… Whether you are part of a School, University, Outreach Project, Community Program, Home Schooled, or other…


For more information and instructions please go to the website to view current projects focusing on World Values Day – Community and the Arts:

If you have any questions, please contact:


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