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Valuesjam Update

It is our ambition to inspire one million values-led conversations with the playful ValuesJam card game to create harmony all over the world.

What we can rely on

Many of us have spent the last six months stressed, anxious, and isolated. Some have had to fight for our lives, and some have lost that fight. 

Compassion the top value in our Lockdown Values Poll

At our World Values Day Planning Session on 28th April we took a poll of those present to discover what they felt were the three most important values for them during the lockdown so far.

Let’s Celebrate our #ValuesHeroes

By the World Values Day Team, The theme of Values in Action had just been chosen for this year’s World Values Day (15th October) when the coronavirus crisis unexpectedly exploded and confronted us with a life-and-death issue that now threatens every community on the planet.

Can the answer to managing our stress be found in our values?

The World Health Organization calls stress the “health epidemic of the 21st century.”  Stress is all around us; can you think of anyone who isn’t stressed at some point in their day?

What are Values for?

The first three World Values Days in 2016, 2017 and 2018 focused on values from an individual, an organisational, and a community point of view.  The vision of a special day focused on values really caught on, and on those days millions of people around the world reflected on their values and put them into practice a bit more than they might usually do.

Albania becomes part of the global values community on World Values Day

On World Values Day, 18th October 2018, at the National Historic Museum in Tirana, the first-ever values event in the history of Albania was held. It was organised by ALVA - Albanian Values and devoted to Albanian National Values with the message "I appreciate my homeland".

Are our Shared Values Causing a Societal Crisis?

Our values are generally defined as principles or standards of behaviour. They are what we use to help us judge of what is important to us in our lives.